NPC System

NPC System

Postby ErtyHackward » Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:14 pm

The game supports NPC system. (Non-player Characters)

Right now only administrators can add NPCs and configure them.

First you need to add the NPC to the world. To do it, select a tool that can pick a block and hover the place where you want NPC to appear.
type /additem <npc_name>
Currently there are: dwarf, girl and king. As always you can configure the new types of NPC in the Realms Editor.

Next we need to select it. To do this hover the cursor over the NPC (you should see the black box selection). Then type:
All following commands will be applied to this npc until you choose next.

When the npc is selected you can add the Activity to it. Activity is a logical part of the day. Usually I have "work" and "home" activities. Each activity has a start day time and lasts until next activity.
To add one type:
/npcaddactivity <name> <start_time>

/npcaddactivity work 8:00
/npcaddactivity home 18:00

will create "work" activity from 8:00 up to 18:00. And "home" activity from 18:00 up to 8:00.

When you have created the activities you can start adding key points during the activity. Set the time according the activity you want to configure.
Then go to the position you want npc to use. Keep in mind that npc will remember the view point too. After that type:

You can have multiple activities and multiple points in each activity. The npc will go from one point to another during the time of activity.
Also you can ask the selected npc to go to your position. Stand on the ground and type /npccomehere
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