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Server setup

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:41 am
by ErtyHackward
From today anyone can setup their own local Utopia Realms server and play with friends.

The server should have real ip address or 4815 tcp port should be forwarded on the router.
Download and install server distributive using these links:

Windows distributive
Linux distributive

To run the server on linux the Mono runtime is required. Recommended to use lastest version. Tested on Mono 3.2.7 Ubuntu x64.

On the first server start it will take main.realm file from its own folder. Change it if you want to use custom game configuration.
If you want to wipe the server, stop it and delete "%appdata%\Utopia Realms Server" folder. Then start the server again.

Start the server (Realms.Server.exe). It will ask you to enter server name. This name will be displayed in the list of servers in the client.
To stop the server enter "exit" and press enter.

ServerWindow.png (15.84 KiB) Viewed 8602 times

The first player entered the server becomes administrator. All other users will become guests. Guests can not modify the world.

Administrators and moderators can change other user accounts on the server. To change user access level if the user is online use "/setrole <nickname> <access_level>" or if he is offline "/setrole <email> <access_level>".
The new role is applied instantly. User don't need to relogin.

Server Commands

Each command must start with "/"

Possible commands:
additem <item_id> [count=1]
Adds an item(s) to the inventory.
item_id is the number id of the item or the name without spaces.
Example: /additem WoodStair 2

ban <userid> <time>
Prevents user to access the server. Also kicks the user.
You can specify time with the following format:
Xd - X days
Xh - X hours
Xm - X minutes
Example: /ban badUser 1d

defaultrole <role>
Sets the default role for new users. Only admin can run it.
Example: /defaultrole member

kick <userid>
Kicks the user from the server. Only admins and moderators are able to kick. Moderator can not kick the administrator.
Example: /kick badGuy

Sets the message everyone receive when joining the server
Example: /motd Don't break anything!

Pings the server and tells back the time in ms.
The lower is the number the better for gameplay experience.

setrole <userId> <role>
Changes user access level.
There are 4 access levels:
  • guest - can join the server, can write messages in the chat, can not modify the world
  • member - can modify the world
  • moderator - can change the daytime, can kick and ban people, can change other people access levels (except admins)
  • admin - can do anything, (change other users levels, create items from nowhere)

settime <time_of_day>
Changes current day time.
Example: /settime 9:00

Change start position of the new users.

Displays server statistics.

Displays a list of connected people grouped by roles.

more commands soon